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Have you become aware of a developing problem in your smile, such as a bad toothache, biting down and feeling pain or tooth sensitivity when eating hot or cold food? Other signs that something is amiss include gums that are discolored, swollen, tender or have a pimple that is very persistent. The occurrence of tooth infection symptoms may indicate the need for root canal therapy to save your tooth from extraction.

The process of performing root canal therapy involves our dentist cleaning the inner tooth to remove the dental pulp and eliminate any infection. Then, the tooth roots need to be cleaned and sealed so that a dental crown can be placed over the tooth to provide protection. Root canal therapy is designed to save a tooth from needing to be removed due to severe infection.

If a tooth is affected by dental trauma or tooth decay or the occurrence of multiple dental procedures, it could result in infection of the inner pulp, which is located in the tooth center along with connective tissues and nerves. The damaged dental pulp is vulnerable to bacteria and can cause tooth abscess, which is a pocket that develops at the tooth root. When tooth infection affects your root canal, you may experience swelling, drainage issues, bone loss and a hole in the tooth if it is not treated.

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