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While a dental bleaching treatment at Steven J. Brazis, DDS can certainly whiten stained tooth enamel, it will have no effect on a tooth suffering from physical imperfections. If one of the teeth in your smile has been altered by a small chip, a mismatched filling, or a small, unsightly cavity, Dr. Steven J. Brazis might recommend restoring its appearance with a porcelain dental crown. This treatment process will replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a near-perfect replica that is cast from a special dental-grade porcelain. It can be shaded to match the surrounding teeth.

To install a porcelain crown, your Steven J. Brazis, DDS dentist will remove the tooth’s enamel layer. This leaves behind a post-like abutment that encases the dentin and pulp of the tooth.

Your dentist will then cast a detailed impression of the area, which will be sent out to our professional dental lab. It will serve as a guide while the technicians work to prepare the porcelain crown. In the interim, your dentist will secure a temporary crown over the abutment to protect it.

When the porcelain crown is ready, we will call you back in to have it cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in the Sacramento, California, area and you have a tooth suffering from a physical cosmetic imperfection, you should call 916-731-5151 to schedule an appointment at Steven J. Brazis, DDS.