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The natural bacteria living in your mouth are tenacious. Any inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene practices can leave sugar residue, and food matter in your mouth, allowing them to thrive. As the general bacterial load in your mouth increases chronic plaque acids can start to weaken your tooth enamel.

If you notice a cavity developing, it’s important to have it examined by a professional dentist like Dr. Steven J. Brazis. Without timely treatment the area of tooth decay can quickly spread to the internal structures of the tooth.

In some of these cases, the compromised tooth might suffer a severe fracture, or a large and dangerous dental abscess might develop deep in the periodontal tissues. If the tooth has been too severely distress for Dr. Steven J. Brazis to restore it with endodontic therapy, he might recommend a total extraction of the root.

Afterward, Dr. Steven J. Brazis might provide you with a prescription for antibiotics or pain management medication. This will help you remain comfortable while the periodontal tissues heal and address any lingering infection concerns.

After all infection concerns have passed and your gums have fully healed, Dr. Steven J. Brazis can start the process of replacing the tooth with a standard dental bridge. This single piece of dental work will eventually replicate the original tooth. It is fused to a pair of crowns that will be anchored onto abutments formed from the healthy cores of the two teeth neighboring the void.

After its creation at an off site dental lab, Dr. Steven J. Brazis will cement the dental bridge in place with a strong dental adhesive. This will complete the dental restoration process, thus allowing you to enjoy a fully functional mouth for many years to come.

If you live in the Sacramento, California, area and you have a tooth that has been severely compromised by an untreated cavity, you should not delay in calling 916-731-5151 to seek professional treatment at Steven J. Brazis, DDS.