Flossing Techniques for Better Oral Health

Have you ever seen an internet article that questions the need for flossing? They certainly exist, but are they accurate? Steven J. Brazis, DDS is here to tell you that based on decades of research and experience, we know that flossing is an absolutely vital part of a healthy oral hygiene routine. Are you ready… Read more »

Periodontal Health Problems Can Have a Significant Impact on the Health and Function of Your Mouth

Your daily oral hygiene routine should consist of brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing at least once. This simple regimen is designed to remove plaque and other bacterial deposits before they can harden into tartar at the gum line. If you are inconsistent with your oral hygiene practices, or you have a bad… Read more »

An Amalgam or Composite Dental Filling Might Be Used to Repair a Chipped Tooth

Chipped teeth can vary in severity and location. Many dental fractures affect the biting surface of a tooth in some fashion. This is even more likely to be the case if you grind your teeth at night, or you have a habit of nibbling on foreign objects. Sometimes these chips can expose the sensitive dentin… Read more »

Halitosis Isn’t Always Created by Foul-Smelling Food

Did you know that halitosis is an additional name for bad breath? Although it may appear so, halitosis isn’t always created by foul-smelling food. In some cases, it’s a sign of something much worse, including diseases and ailments inside the body. If you fail to uphold proper brushing and flossing daily habits, halitosis can occur… Read more »

Tooth Replacement Treatments to Consider

There may come a time in your life where you will be faced with the difficult prospect of losing teeth. Fortuitously, in modern dentistry, there are plenty of replacement options that can completely restore your smile. The main task then becomes choosing which treatment will work best for you. Listed below are three fantastic tooth… Read more »

What Is Endodontics?

Have you ever wondered what endodontists do? Endodontics is the dentistry focus on a specialized form of dentistry that uses advanced techniques to care for the root and pulp of teeth. For more information about endodontics, consider the following: – It is possible for teeth that have had a root canal therapy to last a… Read more »

The Basics of Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can strike at any age and is not something you should ever be ashamed of. However, stress at the dentist’s office can be treated to ensure your visit will be comforting, pleasant, and beneficial for your health. For a better understanding of the basics of dental anxiety, listed below are some key facts… Read more »

Healthy Foods That Maintain Your Smile

Your smile is vital. It helps you talk, eat, and even make a good first impression. If you want to do all these things with confidence, it’s best to take loving care of your teeth. One important thing you can do is eat tooth-healthy foods like dairy products, protein, fruits, and vegetables. Dairy products (like… Read more »

Extra Armor For Your Enamel

Your tooth enamel is a durable and strong substance on the outside of your tooth, but even though it is naturally fortified, it sometimes needs outside help to help protect your tooth from decay. To work as an extra coating of armor on your tooth, we can coat the chewing surface of the premolars and… Read more »

Root Canals Are Relatively Painless

Did you know that root canals are designed to relieve your pain, not cause it? Symptoms that lead to root canals usually include mild to severe toothaches. Getting a root canal, however, is relatively painless. If you’ve ever gotten a cavity filled, any pain you will experience is similar—very mild. Dr. Steven J. Brazis will… Read more »