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Are you aware of the risks that plaque buildup can cause your smile? Plaque buildup consists of a sticky film of debris and bacteria that can collect on your teeth. Typically, plaque begins to collect after a meal as it lingers behind on your teeth. Plaque buildup can convert substances, including sugars, into acids that can attack your tooth enamel. If it is allowed to continue to occur, dental damage can arise.

If plaque is not treated soon enough, it may harden into a substance known as tartar. Tartar cannot be easily removed with brushing and flossing routines, but instead, often requires professional care to remove it. Furthermore, it can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and is a leading cause of cavities. Due to the fact that plaque buildup is responsible for several oral health risks, it is important to make sure that you’re always cleaning your teeth and gums and eliminating any plaque buildup that can occur. Not only should you be brushing and flossing every day, but also consider using nonabrasive cleaning tools such as mouthwash or sugarless chewing gum. Don’t forget to visit our dentist at Steven J. Brazis, DDS for routine checkups and oral examinations every six months.

If you are ready to see what plaque prevention and cleanings can do to improve your oral health, please come visit our dental office in Sacramento, California. Dr. Steven J. Brazis and our team can be reached at 916-731-5151.