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Have you heard of dental bonding? This dental treatment is a way to repair tooth enamel damage by using tooth-colored composite resin applied with adhesives and then hardened or “cured” with a special light. Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental fix that can be used to help your smile in the following ways:

– If a tooth has chips or cracks in it due to an oral accident, a dental bonding treatment can restore the tooth seamlessly.

– If the teeth are plagued by discoloration, and teeth whitening isn’t sufficient to overcome this, dental bonding can cover the stains while looking natural.

– If you need a dental filling, the composite resin is a natural-looking alternative to the metal in amalgam fillings. This makes these dental fillings ideal for fixing the front teeth in your smile.

– If you have a tooth or several that is not the same length as the surrounding teeth, or you have unappealing spaces between your teeth, dental bonding is another way our dentist can restore your smile to look natural again.

If you have an issue that could benefit from dental bonding treatment, we invite you to reach out to our Steven J. Brazis, DDS team in Sacramento, California at 916-731-5151 to learn more. Our dentist, Dr. Steven J. Brazis can help you find the right treatment for your smile!