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Building a better smile should always be at the top of your list for oral health care. However, crafting a better smile doesn’t always consist of receiving tooth restorations or repairs. In many cases, you can craft a better smile simply by cleaning it. Cleaning your smile is extremely important, as every day your teeth are bombarded with new risks associated with plaque and food debris in your mouth. To help combat these risks, it is important to make sure you always brush and floss. When flossing, look for a suitable interdental tool that can safely and quickly clean between each and every tooth.

Two wonderful interdental tools that are proven to be effective for cleaning between your teeth are water flossers and threaded flossers. Dental floss has been proven effective for many decades. However, if you’re not careful and fail to use floss correctly, dental floss can lead to contamination. This occurs when you use the same section of a strand between more than one tooth. Always move up and down your dental floss thread as needed.

As an alternative, water flossers can prove to be beneficial for cleaning in between your teeth. A water flosser works by using a steady gush of water that shoots out from the tool and onto your teeth. It helps blast away any debris and harmful plaque buildup in between your teeth. Water flossers have been proven to be extremely beneficial for individuals who have muscle deficiencies or are hindered by old age. This is because they are easier to operate. Furthermore, water flossers are highly beneficial tools for individuals who may have other restorations and treatments and place that hinder their interdental cleaning. This can include individuals with orthodontic aligners, dental bridges, dentures and dental crowns.

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