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You might know that there are a few things you should do if you’re hoping to keep your kid’s pearly whites healthy. For example, you may have heard that brushing and flossing are extremely important to keeping their teeth healthy. Still, there are other things that can also help, such as having dental sealants placed.

Sealants are placed over one or more of your pearly whites and are used to protect them from food particles and bacteria. We usually recommend placing sealants on your back teeth since they can be hard to reach—making them hard to clean. After sealants are placed, your pearly whites will be less vulnerable to problems like cavities. Furthermore, sealants might last for ten or more years.

You see, sealants essentially act as another layer of protection. We usually recommend applying sealants while your child is somewhere between six and twelve years old. Still, adults can have sealants placed, if your smile is healthy enough. If your oral health isn’t as great as it should be, we suggest addressing any issues you have and then having sealants placed.

Finally, you should remember that brushing and flossing will still be extremely important to your oral health. If you’d like to set up an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Steven J. Brazis, please feel free to contact Steven J. Brazis, DDS in Sacramento, California, by calling us at 916-731-5151. We look forward to receiving your call!