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Did you know that halitosis is an additional name for bad breath? Although it may appear so, halitosis isn’t always created by foul-smelling food. In some cases, it’s a sign of something much worse, including diseases and ailments inside the body.

If you fail to uphold proper brushing and flossing daily habits, halitosis can occur at an exponential rate. This is because plaque buildup causes foul odors. And it’s all downhill from there. Gum disease can develop, the tissue in your mouth can become infected, leading to even more pungent smells from the mouth.

Halitosis can also be a side effect of certain medication. Check with your doctor or look on reputable websites for known side effects to find out if your medications are one of these. It may be more than just the medication, however. Bad breath may also be caused by an underlying illness, including respiratory tract infections, kidney problems, and liver failures.

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