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We understand that your teeth are important to you. That’s why we take it seriously when they get damaged. One of the more traumatic things that can happen to your teeth is having one knocked out. The fear of losing a perfectly healthy tooth, especially if it was from an injury, can add a lot of stress to your life. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat teeth that have been knocked out.

The first thing to do is to find the tooth and clean it. Only hold the tooth by the crown. Do not grab it by the root. Rinse the tooth in lukewarm water or milk to remove dirt. If you can, try to re-insert the tooth back in the socket (do not do this if the tooth has broken.) If not, keep the tooth in either milk or in your cheek to keep it from drying out.

Get an appointment with our office as soon as possible. Dr. Steven J. Brazis can help secure your tooth in the socket again, or if that isn’t possible, he can discuss replacement options with you.

Some tooth replacement options include dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures/partial dentures. Your dentist can help you determine what treatment would be best for your specific situation. Call our office in Sacramento, California, today to learn more.