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Oral accidents and emergencies are common, but they can also be quite serious. They cause severe problems for your oral health, not to mention the implications to your overall health. Should a problem arise, preparation and education about accidents could be the difference in saving your smile.


Oral emergencies can occur eating crunchy foods or ice, playing contact sports, or during prosaic daily activities. Common sense can prevent many accidents. Wear a mouthguard during contact sports, don’t chew ice at the end of a drink, and use another basic sensible approach to your oral health care.

In addition to the more obvious ones, if you bite your lips, cheeks, or gums, this is considered an oral accident.  Although these are usually minor incidents, they can become serious because they can potentially lead to infection. Wash out your mouth with warm water (not hot or cold), and apply a gauze pad to the wound. If the wound continues to bleed a lot after a few minutes, the wound might require stitches to heal. Go quickly to the nearest medical center for assistance.

Although teeth can possibly be damaged and cracked beyond repair, it is sometimes possible for dentists to reattach teeth that have been knocked out or damaged. Keeping the tooth or bits of a tooth moisturized is absolutely vital for future re-attachment success. Place the tooth in a tooth-saving product like Save-A-Tooth–or even milk– until you reach the dentist’s office. Call your dentist at 916-731-5151, explain that you have a dental emergency, and describe it the best you can. Our dental team will help coach you through what to do. It is a smart idea to keep that number saved in your phone or written on a card in your wallet, in the event of an emergency.

If you have a dental emergency or would like to have a professional exam from our team at Steven J. Brazis, DDS, simply book an appointment at our dentist office in Sacramento, California by calling us at 916-731-5151. Dr. Steven J. Brazis and the rest of our team would be happy to take care of any oral care needs you may have.