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To keep your smile safe from several oral health risks that can arise, be aware of different treatments that can be used to enhance your smile. However, in some cases, an adjustment to the aesthetics of your smile may be all that is required. If you have any stains or discolorations, consider the use of teeth whitening treatments.

One of the most effective forms of teeth whitening treatment options on the market is a professional in-office whitening kit. Through office whitening treatments, it is possible to improve the color of your teeth by up to ten full shades. Furthermore, after your treatments are complete, our dentist can often supply you with at-home treatments for minor touch-ups as needed.

Another common form of teeth whitening treatment is through over-the-counter systems purchased at local stores. However, these products are unregulated and can drastically vary in effectiveness. If for any reason you are taking an over-the-counter product, consult with our dentist to ensure that it is safe for use. In some cases, incorrect use can lead to bleached gums or damaged tooth enamel.

If you would like to book an appointment to discuss your possible tooth whitening treatments with Steven J. Brazis, DDS, please call us at 916-731-5151, to stop by our dental office in Sacramento, California. Dr. Steven J. Brazis and our team want to help you find your healthy smile.