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One of the most common problems that Dr. Steven J. Brazis treats at Steven J. Brazis, DDS is cavities. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to spot.

Bearing that in mind, here are two common symptoms that come with having cavities, and how you can prevent cavities from forming.

Aching Teeth

Whether your tooth is experiencing bursts of sharp pain or a dull ache, it is a good reason for you to seek dental care as your discomfort may be caused by having a cavity. If you haven’t had a dental cleaning in some time, this could have led to a cavity formation. It may be possible to treat the cavity with a simple filling, but only if you hurry to make an appointment.

Teeth that Hurt when Biting

Having teeth that only hurt when you are biting down is another sign that you might have a cavity. In such instances, this is a sign the cavity is smaller and just beginning to form. While this type of cavity isn’t as severe as the kind that causes constant pain, it’s still very important that you seek treatment.

If you think you have a cavity, call Steven J. Brazis, DDS in Sacramento, California at 916-731-5151 to schedule an appointment.