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What’s dental erosion? This can occur when bad bacteria creates acid which then eats away at your precious tooth enamel, the hard outermost layer of your teeth that that protects what is inside. Listed below are a few hazards to be aware of in order to help you avoid dental erosion:

– Acid can be found in citrus fruits and drinks.

– High-sugar foods can be changed into acid by bacteria in your mouth.

– Acid reflux and heartburn can create dental erosion.

– Sour sweets are highly acidic and can be tremendously acerbic to your tooth enamel.

– Food and drinks with low pH levels place you at the maximum risk for dental erosion.

– Avoid chewy or sticky foods or eating snacks between meals. The longer food sits on your teeth and gums, the higher the likelihood of dental erosion.

A dental exam will help your dental team to determine whether you have dental erosion so we can advise you on a proper course of treatment? Would you like to schedule an oral examination at Steven J. Brazis, DDS at our dentist office in Sacramento, California? Please book an appointment with Dr. Steven J. Brazis and our team by calling 916-731-5151. We look forward to hosting your smile!